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Hi all

I am an experienced crochet maker, however don't have the patience to design my own pattern and am much more content in putting my time and skill and appreciation into a great crochet pattern. I have been crocheting Amigurumi for the last 4 years, and discovered this wonderful craft after my late husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I found that crocheting, especially Amigurumi, was a way to relieve my anxiety, my grief over what we were going through as a family - also I crocheted to pass the time while he was receiving chemotherapy - and would give my creations to other patients in the hospital.

Anyway - fast forward four years, life has changed in so many ways since my husband passed in 2017 - but I decided that 2020 was my year to fulfil my dream of opening an online retailer of All Things Amigurumi - cotton and cotton blend yarns, hooks, accessorises.

My biggest aspiration for my site is to create amigurumi kits for beginners, intermediates, advanced crocheters - I know that there are a few of these on the market - however there is not a market for a niche site that is just dedicated to amigurumi.

So what I am looking for is some collaborators who can design amigurumis (any type, shape, size)  and we can collaborate and sell on my site.  I wish I could write patterns - but I would much rather acknowledge and support and promote independent designers, together with putting together an amazing product.


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