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I’m Christine Parker and I design kickass knitting patterns for ADHD knitters and sell rad antiques from my little midcentury home in Cleveland, Ohio, USA where I live with my husband and two recalcitrant bulldogs.

My favorite kind of knitting patterns are the ones where:
• there is little to no purling
• the pattern is easy to memorize
• gauge doesn’t matter
• any amount or weight yarn will work
• it’s easy to modify
• you can just knit mindlessly until your project is the size you want ie. no measuring anything ever

I aim to design patterns with those qualities in mind!

Find me at my social links below (especially Instagram, where I am active most days). hearts

You can also check out my knitting designs and join my Ravelry group for pattern support, knit alongs, dog pictures, maybe a book club, coupons, and other shenanigans!

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