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Littletheorem is a freelance knitting pattern designer with a passion for simple, beautiful and wearable knits in luxurious yarns. She loves creating simple wardrobe staples with a twist as well as intricate heirloom pieces.

Littletheorem has a PhD in Algebraic Geometry (a branch of Pure Mathematics) - her trade name is derived from a famous theorem of Pierre de Fermat. She now teaches in a Glasgow school and loves passing on her passion for all things Mathematical to the next generation. Her love of Maths has inspired some of her knitting patterns too - many of her early patterns use randomly generated stitch patterns, and simultaneous equations were used to calculate the shaping in her Bellahouston Sweater Dress

Living in Scotland, she also takes full advantage of the beautiful outdoor environment on her doorstep. She is a professionally qualified mountaineer, and can be typically found clinging to a rock face, mountain biking through forests or hiking up mountains with her rescue dog, Chelsea. When she's not knitting anyway....

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