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  • United Kingdom
  • March 27, 2019
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Company Information

Hi there!

My name is Molly Mae and I am an obsessive knitter and new designer. I have been creating my own designs and altering patterns for a long time now and am finally ready to take the plunge and start publishing my designs.

My designs are distinctly feminine, very flattering on all female forms and fashion-forward. I take inspiration from the catwalk, the beauty I see day-to-day and my wild imagination. I like running with a crazy idea then scaling it back to a wearable pattern. There is definitely a slight 70's vibe to my designs - a vibe that can be embraced or moved away from by your colour and fibre choices, as well as styling of course.

I would really like to expand the image of the knitter and show that knitting can be cool, rebellious and fashionable, to all those who do not already know this is the case! In order to achieve this I post fun and uninhibited pictures on my Instagram (@ponderandply) to celebrate body positivity and beautiful knitted garments. So go forth ladies (and gentlemen) and #knitandrebel

Finally, I just wanted to say knitting really is my self-care activity, it helps me deal with my anxiety and calm my mind after a busy day. Like many, knitting really is my happy place. The community are so warm and wonderful, they are like a second family. So I really would like to contribute to this ever-growing supportive family. So feel free to drop me a message and say hi, I’d love to chat!

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