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Hi! I’m Melinda of rhyFlower Knits!

I was born and raised in Edmonton, AB Canada. I still call Edmonton home, where I live with my darling boxer puppy Merlin and the love of my life Curt. Fueled by my creative spirit, I’ve plunged myself full-time into the fantastic industry of a handknit pattern designer and technical editor.

Dealing with the creative madness, I use my passion for design and math as an outlet to develop unique knitting patterns inspired by color, texture, and my surroundings. I also use these skills to help empower other wonderful designers and help them build their confidence in the industry of design through tech editing and coaching services.

I’ve had the pleasure of being featured in Knitcrate, Yarncrush, Addicted to Sock Knitting Ezine, Moskoca Sock Box, and many amazing collaborations with talented indie-dyers. I also self-publish many designs on a variety of popular websites like Ravelry, Knit Companion, Love Knitting, Knitcrate, and on the rhyFlower Knits website.

For more information, please visit: https://rhyflowerknits.com/about/

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