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I have a long background in textiles. It’s also in my genes. Like others, I grew up in a family of sewers and knitters and so on, my own interest coming from playing with scraps and copying my Mum and Grandma.

My passions have come from pattern making and dressmaking to embroidery, where I taught for some 16 years. On to rug making and crochet and of course knitting. Plus any other craft that takes my fancy. None superseding the others. I’m sure I’m not alone!

I’ve always liked making up my own designs, borne out of a love of history and technique and drawing etc. I particularly enjoy constructing patterns and sharing the love. In fact I think most crafters are sharers.

I live outside Melbourne in Australia in a yet to be renovated cottage in the hills. Very pretty, but soon to be a  bomb site! My commute is just over an hour either way, so it affords plenty of knitting time.


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