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Vetted Knitters and Crocheters

We review every tester’s resume before allowing them on the platform. All testers must have one year of experience and at least 5 projects under their belt. We also require pattern testers to complete an accurate test swatch. We believe these requirements weed out testers that are unreliable.


Run Away Testers are Removed

Fiberly puts a high priority on maintaining a trust worthy community. If a tester disappears, fails to communicate, or steals your pattern they are removed from the platform. You can report testers for violating any of our community guidelines.


View Tester's Resumes

View each prospective tester’s resume right in Fiberly. No need to chase down their Ravelry or Instagram feed. View their skills, examples of past work, and more.

Better Sorting

Narrow down your prospects to form the perfect pool of testers. After you review a prospect’s resume and past work, you can rate them for that project. This internal rating makes it easier to make your final selection, because you can quickly view all of your prospective testers at once and choose those that you rated highest.¬†

You can also reject prospects that don’t meet your criteria, or want to work a size you have already filled.

Exclusive Resources

As a designer, you will get exclusive access to resources to help you design new patterns and navigate the pattern testing process. Resources including: Contract template, deadline calculator and more.

Mark Listings as Filled

On Fiberly, when you have found all of your testers, you can mark your listing as “filled” or “closed”. Closed listings will stop applications from coming in. When you use social media or a forum test calls, it can be unclear if the test pool is full or not. On Fiberly you will never have to waste time responding to requests for pattern tests that have ended.

Build your Social Media Following

Posting on Fiberly allows you to reach knitters and crocheters outside of your followers. Most pattern testers become loyal followers and will help you promote your pattern by posting on their own social media accounts.

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