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Test Knit - Posted October, 16th

Bluebeard Fingerless gloves

Nov 16
Socks and Gloves
Est. Yards
150 - 300
Testers Needed
Ravelry - Group or Direct Message

Free Pattern(s)

Payment Notes: The Newest Update of the pattern that was tested, Sent Via Ravelry or Email.

Yarn Requirements

bulk 4, Aran

Sizes Available

one size fits most

Skills Required

Working in the Round


The Bluebeard Fingerless Gloves make the best gift! It is fast and uses very little Yarn, which is great for a whole family gift or a last-minute stalking stuffer.  Wool or acrylic, these gloves will show the appreciation you have for the person receiving the gloves. I will take as many testers as possible!

Please Include your Ravelry name when you sigh-up!

Link to the test on Rav:


Like most of my designs that are influenced by friends or family members, the gloves were inspired by a close friend. The Bluebeard Gloves were inspired by a friend who plays the piano and had asked me to knit them a pair of fingerless gloves.

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