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Test Knit - Posted September, 21st

Cobweb Shawl

Oct 22
Est. Yards
150 - 300
Testers Needed
Ravelry - Group or Direct Message

Free Pattern(s)

Payment Notes:

Yarn Requirements

Approx. 300m Aran yarn

Sizes Available


Skills Required

Lace Knitting


  1. This shawl is knit top down from a garter tab. Knit in Aran yarn it's quite quick and easy as it's mostly stocking stitch.
  2. It can easily be made smaller or larger than pictured by knitting as many pattern repeats as you like, though this will change the yardage.
  3. I'm happy for you to choose any yarn to knit this in
  4. It is knit flat on 6mm 150cm long circular needles
  5. The pattern uses simple yarn overs and k2tog to create a subtle shape of a spider's web
  6. You will also need 8 stitch markers
  7. More information is on my Ravelry group, you can sign up there too
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