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Test Knit - Posted September, 15th

Endless Woods Cowl

Oct 29
Scarf / Cowl
Est. Yards
300 - 600
Testers Needed
Ravelry - Group or Direct Message

Free Pattern(s)

Payment Notes: You will receive the final version of this pattern plus one pattern of your choice from my Ravelry shop.

Yarn Requirements

200 (360, 580) yds / 185 (330, 530) m; 50 ( 90, 145) grams fingering weight yarn AND 230 (370, 600) yds / 210 (340, 550) m; 25 (40, 65) grams lace weight mohair

Sizes Available

Small (Medium, Large) Bottom Circumference: 21.5 (28, 34) in / 54.5 (71, 86.5) cm Top Circumference: 18.5 (24.5, 31) in / 47 (62, 79) cm Short (Medium, Tall) Length: 14.5 (21, 27.5) in / 37 (53.5, 70) cm Note: The small size is best used for children. For a sizing reference, an adult head circumference typically ranges from 21-24 inches, and you want to be sure you can get the cowl over the recipient’s head comfortably slightly_smiling_face

Skills Required

Working in the Round


Note: This pattern was test knit this spring when I first designed it. Since then, I’ve added charted instructions, updated the layout, and had the pattern tech edited. My main goal is to test knit the charted instructions, but I am happy to have a couple of written instruction test knitters, since there have been a couple of small edits to the pattern.

The Endless Woods Cowl is one of four patterns in the “A New Home” Collection, a collection of patterns relating to my new home: the state of North Carolina. To me, the most obvious characteristic about North Carolina is the plentiful woods, forests, and trees. I love driving down the interstate in the city and being right next to a wooded area. And in general, I love all of the green and the sense of bringing nature into a manmade area.

To represent the woods of North Carolina, this cowl includes two different textures: a cable texture at the bottom to represent the root systems of the trees and a slipped cable texture above to represent the trees themselves. In this pattern, I’ve included alternative tree patterns if you’d like to add variety to the trees in your forest.

This pattern is worked bottom up in the round. The first photo is the medium size with the medium length. The second photo is the large size with the long length.


For more information about this design, be sure to click the link to the test knitting thread below.  Test knitters will receive 30% off their yarn if the choose to work with Hearts on Fiber yarn.

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