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Test Knit - Posted August, 10th

Forest Of Willows Cowl

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Sep 30
Scarf / Cowl
Est. Yards
150 - 300
Testers Needed
Ravelry - Group or Direct Message

Free Pattern(s)

Payment Notes: The newest pattern, edited, and fixed version of the pattern

Yarn Requirements

i used lion brand Thick and Quick, Bulk 6, in the color peacock, Color and brand are up to the tester

Sizes Available

one size

Skills Required

Working in the Round


I would like 3-6 testers.

1 Positions Left!!!

Testing Needs: Feedback on the pattern, the finished project page, and Photos of the finished product are a must. Please create a project and enter the code: TEST-CLPLC-CMYSSD, into the project name, (The One with the Chain), if needed I can help to figure that out! Weekly updates on your progress is a must, Weather that is through Email or the Ravelry thread. There may be an Optional google forum, that can be completed once the test is finished. Communication will be through this thread, and I will post updates about the pattern here, and via email!

Please include your rav name if you apply here!! the Rav Thread:

the thread has more instructions on the test!



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