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Test Knit - Posted March, 21st

Forest of Willows Slippers

Apr 20
Socks and Gloves
Est. Yards
150 - 300
Testers Needed
Ravelry - Group or Direct Message

Free Pattern(s)

Payment Notes: The newest pattern, edited, and fixed version of the pattern

Yarn Requirements

bulk 4, i used Red Heart, Super Saver, in Navy (Color is up to you)

Sizes Available

Women’s 6-7, 7.5-9, and 10-11.5

Skills Required

Magic Loop
Short rows
Toe Up Socks
Working in the Round


Must be on Ravelry!

I am running the test in this thread too:

Other craft(s) required if any: None
Target Number of Testers: 3-6, one or two for each size
Women’s 6-7, 7.5-9, and 10-11.5

Approximate Hours to Complete: 1-12ish depending on how much time you have

Deadline: April 21st, 2021
Is the deadline flexible? Yes, more than happy to work something out! The pattern will be released later in the fall.

· DPNS, or 40in circular needles Size 9 (I am using magic loop one at a time for my sock)
· Worsted weight yarn fo your choice,
I am using Red Heart yarn in One color
· Darning needle/ tapestry
· Optional stitch marker,

Difficulty: beginner
Pattern format(s): PDF
Pattern Style: Abbreviated.

Requirements: Must be comfortable knitting toe-up socks and a German short row heel.

Inexperienced testers accepted? Maybe
Inexperienced crafters accepted? Yes
Digital photo of FO required? Yes
Project page? yes.

Testing needs: Feedback on the pattern, the finished project page, and Photos of the finished product are a must. Please create a project and enter the code: TEST-PLC-3546FW, into the project name, (The One with the Chain), if needed I can help to figure that out! Weekly updates on your progress is a must. Communication will be through this thread, and I will post updates about the pattern here, and via email!

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