Designer Pricing


Designers, register for free and have instant access to the platform. List your pattern test jobs for FREE.

That’s right, Fiberly is free. 

Are you a local yarn shop, or indie dyer looking to list sample knitting or crochet jobs? Please register as a designer.


Benefits of Listing with Fiberly:

  • Access to vetted testers
  • Sort, approve and reject testers
  • Clearly define the parameters of the test job
  • Increase your following by showing your listing to hundreds of knitters and crocheters
  • Free Exclusive Resources: Contracts, Calculators and more.

Tester Pricing

to register

Test knitters and crocheters can register on the platform AND apply to testing jobs for FREE. Click the button to start the application process.


Benefits of being a Tester with Fiberly:

  • Earn cash, free patterns, yarn and other craft goodies
  • Exclusive resources for test knitters and crocheters
  • Searching dozens of openings from multiple designers at one time
  • Work directly with your favorite designers
  • Grow your craft by learning new skills