Turtle Love Kitchen Sponge Pattern


The Turtle Love Kitchen Sponge is a durable, washable, scrubby sponge. It can permanently replace plastic or natural sponges, because it can be washed and reused over and over. Make each kitchen sponge pattern unique with five different designs for the center. This fast knit will have you making sponges for everyone you know, and maybe some humans you don’t!


I’ll be honest. I designed this sponge because I hate dish cloths. I like that dish cloths can be washed and reused. But I don’t like that they are so floppy and hard to hold. The Turtle Love Kitchen Sponge pattern is my solution to the classic floppy dish cloth.


This sponge is slightly smaller in size compared to a traditional plastic sponge. If you want a larger sponge, you can easily cast on more stitches and/or knit more rows.

The Turtle Love Kitchen Sponge pattern is knit using the double knitting technique. This technique creates a double layered fabric with a pocket in the center. The center design pins the two sides of the pocket together in the middle. This pinched center helps to keep the stuffing in place and maintain it’s shape.

You can make approximately 7 knitted sponges from two balls of Dishie Yarn. This makes it the perfect inexpensive gift to give everyone for Christmas or Valentines Day. Or knit yourself a full set and have one for every day of the week.


One size: 2.5″ x 4.75″

Pattern includes:

  • Charted and written instructions
  • Recommendations for alternative yarns
  • Alternative color suggestions
  • Resources for techniques used in pattern

Needle Used

Size 6US or 4MM, double pointed needles


  • “Standard Size” Crochet Hook
  • Row counter – optional

Yarn Used


OR 50 yards – Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn in two colors (25 yards for each color)


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