Report a Designer

At Fiberly, our goal is to build and maintain a community of quality. If you believe that a designer (or indie dyer, or local yarn shop) is not operating in a professional manner, please complete the form below.

We have listed what we consider reportable offenses below. Please note that we realize that designers are humans who sometimes goof up. We allow some grace in the community, so you may see this designer posting jobs in the future, after we have reviewed their offenses with them.

However, if a designer consistently violates our community guidelines, they will be removed from the platform.

Response Time: All reports are read and logged. You may not receive a follow up email from the admin.

Reportable Offenses:

  • Not responding to communication, either at all or in a timely manner
  • Rude behavior – attacks, harassment, or threats
  • Inappropriate solicitation – sending images of nudity or violence, spamming, or other sexual content
  • Non-Payment – designer fails to follow through on sending agreed-to-compensation within a reasonable time period after the job is completed. We consider a reasonable time period to be 2 weeks. Compensation includes: free patterns, free yarn or other tools, cash/money
  • Email SPAM violations – designers can NOT add you to their email list without your express consent, doing so is against CAN-SPAM laws. We recommend that in addition to completing this form, that you report the email as spam and unsubscribe.