• February 10, 2021

My first memory of knitting is from when I was 4.  I made (thanks to a lot of help from my nursery teachers) a very small orange scarf for a teddy bear.

From then I dipped my toe in the knitting pool from time to time over the years. As my Mum and Grandma were both knitters there was always needles and wool around for me to have a go when I felt like it.

My first ‘proper’ project was a huge green blanket I made when I was 19, and from then on I went through spells of knitting a few things, then nothing for a year or so, then repeating.

In the past year however I have been unable to put the needles down and have been working on really understanding patterns to allow me be more creative with the craft.

While my experience is mainly knit based, I have also started learning crochet and plan to develop this skill alongside my first love!

I will willingly have a go at any project and work until I get it right!

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When did you start knitting?
Amigurumi Crochet, Amigurumi Knitting, Aran Crochet, Cables, Double Pointed Needles, Knitted Cast-on, Lace Knitting, Longtail Cast-on, Plushie / Stuffed Animal Knits, Seamed Garments, Short rows, Sweater/Cardigan - Bottom Up, Working from a Chart, Working from a Recipe, Working in the Round
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Yes, I am over 13 years of age.
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