• January 30, 2021

Hello I am 24 years of age and I started crocheting when I was 15. I started because at the moment I was living with my grandmother and father in Mexico and my grandmother thought it would be fun to teach me as a way to bond a little more. The first thing I crocheted was a beanie but it was a very tiny beanie just because at the moment I was impatient and I wanted my work to look like something . She did advise me that it was going to be really small but I didn’t listen. So my first project was a really tiny beanie after that I moved back to the US a couple a months after and I honestly didn’t continue crocheting . I didn’t start until around the beginning of 2018 because I was pregnant with my first baby. When I started again the first thing I did was a baby blanket and from there on I have done so much more to beanie s(this time an actual size to wear) to sweaters , socks, amigurumi stuffed animals, and different patterns of baby blankets . I love crocheting because it’s mind blowing that you could do so much with yarn and som hooks. I have done some knitting but I am still trying to get used to it.

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When did you start crocheting?
Amigurumi Crochet, Magic Loop, Pick Up Stitches, Sweater/Cardigan - Top Down, Working in the Round
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Yes, I am over 13 years of age.
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