• May 19, 2019

My name is Jerica.  I started crocheting towards the end of 2011 but didn't really get full on into it until the middle of 2012.

This is the background story to why I decided to teach myself.  When I was younger, my sisters and I would be dragged to Junior Jazz games for my oldest sister and our neighbor.  My neighbor's mother would bring an afghan and be crocheting the entire game.  I was always fascinated by her work but never asked her to show me.  Fast forward many years...  I got pregnant with my oldest daughter right out of high school.  At that time, I was trying to get my life together and started working with my older and younger sisters at KFC.  My older sister would take her breaks at the same time as an older lady who worked at the gas station in the same parking lot.  She would come over to KFC and teach my sister how to crochet almost daily.  When I had my daughter in March of 2008, my sister made her a baby blanket.  I met my fiance in April of 2009.  I used to not be able to entertain myself when I had down time at home.  I was getting bored with all my books I had read multiple times.  My fiance suggested that I find a hobby, he had his video games and wanted me to find something I enjoy.  When I got pregnant with my youngest daughter in 2011, I decided that I did not want a blanket made by my sister again.  I wanted to do it myself.  When I told my sister that I was pregnant, I made sure to also tell her that she can make anything she wants for the baby except a blanket.  I wanted to do that on my own.  I went out and bought Caron One Pound Deep Violet and Lilac yarn (birthstone colors because she was due in mid-February) and a hook.  My future MIL could crochet basic stitches and suggested going through the back loop only for some texture.  I found a Teach Yourself Crochet book from the 80s and figured out how to chain.  I caught on very quickly and made my baby an oversized blanket.  I was so proud of me for keeping perfectly straight edges and a perfect border.  My first project was really amazing as a first project (I have had some issue projects after that one but I am still so proud of the first one).  My daughter just turned 7 last February and she still uses that blanket every single night.  She has asked me to make her a larger blanket.  I have made her three other larger blankets but she will still only use her baby blanket.  I am planning to make her a larger blanket of the same yarn and pattern.

I am usually drawn to making blankets and bags.  I have a big head so hats are usually harder for me to do unless I am making them for my girls.  They have bigger heads also so I usually make adult sizes for them.  I really enjoy doilies as well but I am a little slower at making them due to some undiagnosed wrist issues.  I am absolutely always willing to try new things.  Cables used to really intimidate me but I have grown to absolutely love them the last few years.  Cables and skull patterns seem to be what I am usually drawn towards.  I currently test for Ann Wanamaker (found on Ravelry and Etsy) and would love to test more.

I do plan on teaching myself knitting as well but it has been put on the back burner for a while because of my love for crochet.  I have collected a vast amount of yarn over the years and am running out of places to put it in my craft room.  I would love to find some projects to use it up so I can buy more (because you can never have too much yarn).  In the last few years, I have also developed a love for Clover Amour and Furls Odyssey hooks.  When I first started, I was using Boye hooks from Walmart.  I can't stand to use those anymore.  I have collected every size of Clover Amour and Furls Odyssey available and I hope to continue getting every new size Furls comes out with.

Also, my apologies for rambling.  I tend to talk/type a lot when I get going. 🙂

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