• April 1, 2019

I never know what I should say in Bio's but here goes:

I've been crocheting and knitting longer than I thought I had. I started to crochet when my second BJD arrived. I wanted him to have a sweater to wear when the weather turned cold. I dabbled in knitting at around the same time then too but have been more passionate about it since 2015 which is why I said that date.

When I'm not crocheting or knitting I can been found cross-stitching or making a diamond painting. Or even writing but I haven't really written more than a few sentences for a while.

I'm from Alkmaar in The Netherlands which is about 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam where I work... for the Dutch Railway company. Guess where most of my crocheting is done 😉

I have a daughter who is turning 14 this summer (she never lets me forget). Her father married me on Solstice 2016. We are the humans to 3 cats, and only the last one makes me fear for my yarn at times... he does have an expensive tast though. My cheaper yarn is usually safe.

I don't really know what else to tell you so I'll end it here for now.

Oh, just thought of something. I am a very shy person, which is why I lurk nore than I should, but I'm bettering myself... it's just not working that well yet. I have a great fondness for the word sorry... I use it a lot

When did you start knitting?
When did you start crocheting?
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Knit, Crochet
When did you start knitting?
When did you start crocheting?
Amigurumi Crochet, Aran Crochet, Bobbles, Cables, Double Pointed Needles, Edging - Added Afterwards, Embellishment - adding beads, sequins, or charms - Crochet, Finger Knitting, Kitchner Stitch, Knitted Cast-on, Lace Knitting, Longtail Cast-on, Magic Loop, Multi-strand Crochet, Pick Up Stitches, Seamed Garments, Short rows, Socks, Surface Crochet, Sweater/Cardigan - Bottom Up, Sweater/Cardigan - Top Down, Tunisian Crochet, Vertical Stripes, Working from a Chart, Working in the Round
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Yes, I am over 13 years of age.
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