• April 6, 2019

Hi! I'm Grace and I've been crocheting for about a year and a half. I was originally inspired to crochet many years ago when I bought a little amigurumi cuddlefish at an art market. I thought it was amazing how expressive and detailed something so tiny could be so I tried to learn. And failed, failed so hard. But I put the cuddlefish on my desk and it kept nagging me to try again. And eventually I did, but this time I tried to start on something a little easier than amigurumi and discovered the joy of youtube tutorials. Finally, success! Everyone got scarves at Christmas that year, like it or not.

Now I can do just about anything and I finally learned how to do amigurumi. I don't have any particular project I like more than another, but I've done hats, scarves, shawls, scoodies, dice bags, gloves, blankets, and a whole lotta ami. I love all things cute and I enjoy doing cables. I want to keep trying to challenge myself.

Other things about me, I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree in Public Health (though people will tell you I've been great at B.S.ing for a long time!) and I'm planning to go into emerging disease. I'm not saying if you let me test your pattern I'll give you a head's up when the zombie apocalypse starts but... When I'm not studying or crocheting I'm playing D&D, Magic the Gathering, or various other games with my husband or playing with my friend's pets and thinking if I could sneak them home without anyone noticing.

Thanks for reading! Keep being amazing!

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When did you start crocheting?
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