• February 10, 2021

I originally got into crocheting after I had a macrame phase. My grandmother was visiting one day, saw all the threads I had amassed, and asked if I knew how to crochet. Things kept going from there. After watching a lot of Youtube videos, plus trial and error, I made my my first project; a failed hat/bag, and I did a few socks/headbands that I gave away to charity. I even made a huge blanket for my grandmother out of granny squares that she still has to this day. Due to school I only had time to really do crochet in the summers, so I kind of fell out of doing it for a while,  but in the summer of 2018 I picked up an amigurumi pattern book I had bought the summer before and tried it out again. I made a 15 inch tall elephant, and that year started the most productive crochet summer I ever had. After a little self teaching I began designing my own patterns, and making stuffed animals with amigurumi became my favorite pass time. I made more projects than I can count, mostly amigurumi. In my sophomore year I made about $200 selling keychains and toys to family and friends, even. Then, last October I opened my own Etsy shop where I sell my amigurumi toys, all of them my original designs. As you can probably tell I love making amigurumi, especially medium sized animals and dolls.

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Amigurumi Crochet, Edging - Added Afterwards, Working in the Round
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